Where are your offices?
We have offices in Hong Kong and Doha.
Do you assist with requests outside of your core areas?
We primarily only focus on requests in travel, dining, luxury goods, and experiences.
What if my husband/wife wants his own account?
We have something called a partner membership which is a one-time payment of $1500. If the primary member renews then the partner membership renews complimentary. This is so they can have their own account.
Do you service other languages?
We currently only officially support English, but we are working on adding Arabic functionality in 2022.
What is membership pricing?
In US dollars, $3100 annually plus a $900 initiation fee.
Can I refer friends?
Yes, we can book for other people and you can gift experiences. However, for dining reservations, you must be in attendance for any booking made through us.
Can I cancel my membership and get a refund?
Unfortunately no, membership is a yearly commitment.
Is the service invitation-only?
Yes, membership is invitation-only. We do have an extensive waiting list where our membership committee meets every other month and selects a few new members.
How do you differentiate yourselves from other concierge services?
We are a technology platform where members can make requests through the app with a 60second response time, 24/7, 365 days a year. There is no calling and waiting on hold, and we have content that updates on our app every day, personalized to you.
Which geographies can I use the service in?
We have members all over the world, which means our service is completely global. We have an in-house team that specializes in different geographies, with a global network of partners. We can assist with requests in all markets however and have a strong travel and luxury goods network in all corners of the globe.
How do I make a request?
Just tap ‘make a request’ at the bottom of the app and select if it’s a travel, experience, dining or luxury goods request. Your request will then be routed to the most knowledgeable specialist in this area.
Can I make requests outside of what is already in the app?
Of course. The content in the app is there to inspire you and it changes daily, so check in often. If you want something a little different, just ask us, we can often customize what is already in the app to your liking. If you have something completely different you would like our assistance with, just tap ‘make a request.’
Will I always chat with the same person?
No. Our technology is set up so that your request will always go to the most specialized expert in that area. It accounts for geography, urgency, request type and more. Our service is also available 24/7 365 days a year. However, if you are planning something like a big trip or special occasion with us, you will have one person assisting you from start to finish.
Can I send my request by phone or email?
No. Our infrastructure is set up to go through the app so that the service is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Once you have made the request in the app, the team would be happy to speak with you on the phone and send any details sent via the app by email as well.
Can I use the app on a web browser and iPad?
The app is not available to access on a browser yet, but you can download the app on your iPad.
Can I make a reservation for my girlfriend if I’m not attending?
Unfortunately no - our policy is that the member has to be present every time.
I asked for a reservation, but your team was not able to make it happen. Why?
I’m sorry to hear we could not assist this time. Our dining team has an overall fulfillment rate of over 90 percent, so most of the time, we will be able to make it happen for you. For tier-one and very popular venues, I recommend giving us as much notice as possible.
Which hotels do you have the best rates and perks with?
We have preferential pricing at 200,000 hotels and perks at over 1,500 hotels including all leading luxury brands ( Langham, Four Seasons, The Aman, Dorchester Hotels, Peninsula, Baglioni, etc). Depending on the hotel, perks include upgrades upon booking, early and late check-in and check-out, spa credits, and sometimes complimentary transfers. We also have preferred access to 10,000+ villas globally including ‘off-market’ properties.
Do you offer private aviation?
Yes, we have an in-house travel team who specializes in all categories of travel including private jets and VIP airliners. We have strong relationships with operators in every continent so no matter where you are traveling, we will offer you the type of aircraft most suited to your requirements.
Can I get discounts on commercial flights when I book with you?
Yes, we offer our members 10-30% discounted rates on 1st and Business Class flights. This is not always a guarantee but as a general rule, it’s for international flights that are longer than 5 hours. We also receive discounts on cross country flights in the US, the routes tend to be JFK-SFO and JFK-LAX. We have had members make back their membership fee in one booking.
What price range are we talking about when it comes to events?
We have a calendar of events across the global social calendar, and pricing really depends on the event. We are able to provide our members with access to some of the most exclusive events in the world.
How do I use luxury goods?
This division can source some of the most exclusive and unique items in the world - whether you want to treat yourself to a Swiss watch, a rare Hermes handbag, or design the perfect gift basket for a loved one. We have preferential access to watches, jewellery, cars, handbags, sneakers, rare books and signed memorabilia, wine and spirits, and much more.
Are you able to give me a discount on watches?
Yes, we are able to secure preferential pricing on certain models (up to 30 percent off). This does depend on the brand and the precise model.